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Dr. Edouard Coeugniet, M.Sc.

Dr. Edouard Coeugniet, M.Sc.

Plastic surgeon

Since beginning his medical practice in 1990, Dr. Edouard Coeugniet has worked with many internationally renowned surgeons, particularly in France and Australia.

Today Dr. Coeugniet is recognized for his vast experience and strong skills in plastic and cosmetic surgery and is a renowned plastic surgeon with an image-conscious clientele.

He’s a member of the new CHUM’s plastic surgery team, where he works with the Burn Unit, the Skin Cancer and Craniofacial Surgery Team. Dr. Coeugniet is also Director of Performance Quality of the CHUM’s Plastic Surgery department and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery’s (ASPS) Quality and Performance Committee.

An impressive academic career
After earning a medical degree at Université de Lille, France, and University of Münster, Germany, Dr. Édouard Coeugniet first specialized in General Surgery, then Plastic Surgery. He ranked second on the French national exam when he got his diploma in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery in Paris in 2006.

That same year, he received his European Plastic Surgery diploma and became a Fellow of the European Board of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS) in Budapest, Hungary, ranking as the first Frenchmen in his cohort. He then completed an 18-month fellowship in Sydney, Australia. Upon his return, he also became a Fellow of the French College of Plastic Surgery and, in 2009, was awarded second place at the Concours National des Praticiens Hospitaliers en chirurgie plastique in Paris. Later that year, he earned a master’s degree in health economics at Université Paris Descartes. Next, Dr. Coeugniet was appointed as a consultant at the Centre de Traitement des Brulés of the Hôpital universitaire de Lille, where he would also become a surgeon at the Centre National d’Expertise en chirurgie craniomaxillofaciale. He is also recognized in Switzerland, where he can practice as a plastic surgeon in exclusive private cosmetic clinics.

Mentors who are leaders in the field
Throughout his career, Dr. Coeugniet has surrounded himself with exceptional, internationally renowned mentors. In 2008, he worked with Dr. Bryan C. Mendelson, President of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) in Melbourne, Australia. Also in Australia, he worked with plastic surgeons Dr. Graeme Southwick and Dr. Anthony Holmes, a specialist in facial plastic surgery.

In Paris, Dr. Edouard Coeugniet worked with renowned surgeons Dr. Claude le Louarn, Dr. Bernard Cornette de St Cyr and Dr. Darina Krastinova. Also in France, he worked with Professor Lantieri, a facial transplantation specialist, and Professor Gilbert Aiach, a rhinoplasty specialist. Professor Wolfgang Gubisch, a rhinoplasty specialist in Germany, and Dr. Michel Pfulg, a plastic surgeon in Switzerland, are also on Dr. Coeugniet’s prestigious list of mentors.

Plastic surgeon, author of scientific papers and brilliant lecturer

Passionate and committed to sharing his knowledge, Dr. Coeugniet is a reviewer for six scientific journals and has published numerous articles himself.

An excellent speaker, he has been invited to speak at many conferences around the world. He has participated in more than 300 congresses, including the ISAPS’s International Aesthetic Surgery Congress in Japan (2016), the DGPRAC (Deutsche Gesellschaft de Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen) in Germany and many other international congresses in Chile, Australia, India, the United States and other countries.

Throughout his career, Dr. Edouard Coeugniet has always been dedicated to training the next generation. Indeed, as early as his second year studying medicine, he was already teaching anatomy at the University of Münster, Germany, and he continued to train the young people throughout his career in France. Since his arrival in Quebec in 2011, he has taught medicine at the Université de Montréal.

Putting experience and passion at the service of patients

Fluent in English, German, French and Romanian, Dr. Coeugniet has treated patients around the world. Among the highlights of his career, in 2010, he participated in a humanitarian mission with Doctors Without Borders (Switzerland) and INTERPLAST. During the mission, he performed facial and labial reconstructions and treated the after-effects of burns in Congo.

Specialized in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty, he is also specialized in breast reconstruction, labioplasty (vulva surgery), microsurgery and craniofacial surgery. Dr. Coeugniet is one of the few plastic surgeons in the world – and one of the rare surgeons in Canada – to perform surgery (particularly facial rejuvenation and repair surgery) using stem cells. Dr. Coeugniet can perform this type of cutting-edge surgery thanks to rigorous training in Switzerland and the United States.

Over the years, Dr. Coeugniet’s primary focus has always been to meet his patients’ needs and offer them personalized, humane services that meet the highest standards.

Whether for plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries, he’s committed to offering his patients support every step of the way and improving their quality of life and self-esteem.

Le Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)

  • Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ)
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) et membre du comité de la qualité et de la performance
  • Société française de chirurgie plastique, reconstructrice et esthétique (SOFCPRE)
  • Société française du traitement des brûlés (SFETB)
  • Société internationale des brûlures (ISBI)
  • INTERPLAST Germany e.v.
  • Collège des médecins du Québec
  • European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery




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